Killer Joe (& the Beduins) started out as a solo project a couple of years ago. A long and intense career as a drummer boy in bands such as the Bombhappies and Le Muhr made me want to something else. Well, I must admit that I've always enjoyed attention and appreciation (don't we all?), of which I felt that grinding the drums didn't really give me too much. However, exhibitionist or background band member(?) - a combination has proved to be both useful and enjoyable. The name of this project - Killer Joe (& the Beduins) - implies the participation of several members, but then again we are just me myself and I. Though, in some of the recordings on the upcoming album we've had some friends to assist us in the studio. Well, since there´s not much of history to this "band", I guess you'll have to listen to the music instead. Oh, and please give me response of any kind! Us, that is.